Don’t Miss Out On the IronPigs’ Last Full Month of Baseball


As their season comes to an end, so do your opportunities to get out to Coca-Cola Park and catch the Lehigh Valley IronPigs in action in 2014. The International League's regular season schedule comes to a close on September 1 for the hometown team. It has been somewhat of a disappointing season for the IronPigs, who find themselves near the bottom of the … [Read more...]

Celebrate 162 Years of The Great Allentown Fair


Did you ever go to the fairground as a child? If so, you will know that it offers a fun way to pass the time and get an adrenaline rush! This summer, tons of people will make their way to the Great Allentown Fair happening less than 10 miles from our apartments in Bethlehem. Celebrating its 162nd year, the fair celebrates the achievements of … [Read more...]

Look to the Sky During the Lehigh Valley Airshow


This year’s Sands Bethlehem Lehigh Valley Airshow will soar to even greater heights, with more exciting entertainment and better on the ground organization. The airshow will welcome back the Misty Blues women’s skydiving team, the Canadian Harvards T-6 aerobatic team, among others. This year should see the return of U.S. military aircraft, which were … [Read more...]

Keep Your Saucon View Carpets Clean With Homemade Solutions


The wall-to-wall carpeting in your Saucon View apartment makes for luxurious and comfortable living. You too, however, have to spend a little time keeping it clean. Turning to harsh chemical solutions is not the only answer. You can also use these homemade cleaning mixtures to remove stains and keep your carpets fresh. This mixture is good for set-in … [Read more...]

Dump That Old Couch and Move Into a Furnished Bethlehem Apartment


Settling into apartments in Bethlehem may take time if you haven't put your stamp on the space. Furniture, decor and accessories are the essence of any room. Here at Saucon View we aim to eliminate the hard work by providing you with an array of furnished floor plan options. Featured layouts include the one-bedroom Emerson and two-bedroom Baldwin, both of … [Read more...]